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Mattress Reviews And Buyers Guide

Mattress Reviews and Tempurpedic ReviewsWelcome to, I have created this comprehensive Mattress Reviews and Buyer’s Guide to help make shopping for a new mattress easier. There are many name brand choices out there when looking at all the online review sites and the individual reviews such as icomfort reviews or Simmons Beautyrest reviews just to name a few and it can easily get very confusing. This website will help simplify all the mattress reviews for you and help you avoid some common mistakes people often make when looking to buy a new mattress.

This website consists of different mattress reviews, we have a Memory foam mattress section and a Tempurpedic mattress reviews section etc. Each review section provides details about those specific types of mattresses and lists what I feel are the best type of mattresses within that area.

Then I provide a listing of specific models for different brands such as Kingsdown mattresses, Aireloom mattress and Tempurpedic mattresses. You can then click to read the individual reviews to get all of the details you need to find the best  mattress for the money. Our full reviews cover details such as comfort, weight, size, company information and a rating system to highlight the best rated mattress. I will also highlight sleep position choices such as the best mattresses for side sleepers and the best mattress for stomach sleepers. Believe it or not there are better mattresses based on how you sleep as to consider as well, especially when you take into account the health benefits that sleeping well offer you.

Top Rated Mattresses


Best Mattresses 2014 Editor’s Choice Best Mattress 2014
  • Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Radiance Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Best Mattress 2014 Queen Size

  • Amerisleep Americana 10″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Editors Choice best mattress 2014 Queen Size

What Type Of Mattresses Are Available

There are 6 main types of mattresses that I have learned about while researching and reviewing many different mattress types. When shopping for a mattress you should decide what you initially want out of a mattress to narrow your category choices. There are many brands available in each type of category. So unless you want to research literally hundreds of mattresses, determine the main features and benefits that you are looking for in a mattress first. This will make it much easier for you. It’s not difficult and if you take a few minutes upfront it will pay off in the long run by helping you find the perfect mattress for yourself. Below I have listed a few mattress types with a brief description and what I like or dislike about each mattress. This should get you started in selecting the type of mattress you want to look into further. Later I will add in some different types of reviews like best sleep mattress reviews, best organic mattress reviews and best cheap mattress reviews to this website to really help you narrow down your search. This will give you many more choices in different mattress categories.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress reviews 2014

Memory Foam Mattress reviews 2014


There are multiple companies providing a wide variety of Memory Foam Mattresses such as the Sealy IComfort, Serta Optimum, the Simmons ComforPedic and many lesser known brands. Each company offers similar types of mattress based on the memory foam material.

Models range in thickness and come with different features but most brands offer some type of cooling during sleep, Independent Support Foam for better motion isolation and individualized support. The best foam mattresses offer a wide variety of firmness from ultra-soft to firm, some are even made to order and offer some decent return policies if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Company Details

Some of the many companies that make memory foam mattresses are, Simmons, Comfort Dreams, Sleep Innovations, IComfort and Aireloom, Lucid and many others.

What I Like

I like the variety of offerings from all of the different manufacturers and brands. When I initially looked at Memory Foam mattresses years ago there was no cooling aspects and since they were known to sleep warm I never looked at them any further. I’m not interested in sweating while I sleep. But now there are a ton of different options from traditional memory foam, plant based and gel foams and all kinds of different cooling technology has been introduced. There are even tempurpedic pillow reviews I need to get to as well.  On the memory foam mattress reviews page I have included a some details on my gel mattress reviews, natural plant based foam reviews among other specific brands of mattresses. I will a be doing many more reviews of all different types of foam mattresses such as Corsicana mattress reviews, Symbol mattress reviews and Jamison mattress reviews. There are so many different options and I feel it is worth while to gather all of the research on this site for you to help in your decision making process.

What I don’t Like

Memory foam mattresses are known for off gassing when they are new, this usually goes away over time but it can be annoying and it does bother some people enough they return the mattresses. Off gassing is just a chemical smelling odor or gas that a mattress gives off when it is new, this is due to its chemical composition and also packaging.

Since the mattress is foam, there is a lack of edge support which can be an issue for some and in some high density models it can be difficult to move on or get up from the mattress. This is something to be aware of it you are older or have any ailments that restrict your mobility.


Pricing starts as low as $150 and can be as high as $5,000.00 for brands other than TEMPUR-pedic. Some of the lesser known brands produce great quality mattresses that you can purchase for $300 – $500. This makes some of the best foam mattress really affordable to everyone. I suggest seriously considering a memory foam mattress.

Starting Price (Queen)

- Motion Isolation
- No Noise
- Relieves painful pressure points
- Good for back pain relief
- Durable
- Reasonable pricing

- Odor when new
- Difficult to move on High density models
- Can retain heat, but offers cooling technology
- Heavy, can be difficult to move around>


Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2014

Tempurpedic Mattresses

Tempurpedic Mattress

Tempurpedic Mattress


TEMPUR-Pedic started the whole memory foam bed craze bringing its TEMPUR material to the world. Memory Foam mattresses rate better overall than most mattress on the market. They contour to your body providing full body support and provide great motion isolation to give you a better sleep if others move around during the night.

The mattresses come in different foam densities that range from Ultra soft to firm, so you can find just the right amount of softness and support to provide you with a good night sleep.

Since the foam material conforms to your body providing support it alleviates pressure points that other mattresses can cause. While sleeping if your body is experiencing pressure it will reach a point where it needs to adjust to alleviate that pressure. Many times on say a firm mattress that doesn’t support your body well this can go on all night long causing you to toss and turn and wake up throughout the evening. This leads to sleepless nights and over time sleep deprivation which can cause many health issues. It is really important to get a good night sleep every evening to allow your body to rejuvenate itself for the day ahead.

Company Details

TEMPUR-Pedic has been in business since 1992 and is headquartered in Lexington, KY. They are largely responsible for the memory foam mattress market. Years were spent perfecting a NASA® invention into TEMPUR material. This TEMPUR material was formed into mattresses and is available to people in the U.S. and across the globe.

Warranty: TEMPUR-pedic offers a 10 year limited warranty on their mattresses and Ergo adjustable bases. A 3 year limited warranty is offered on pillows and cushions. They do stand behind their products.

What I Like

I like the fact the Tempur material conforms to your body when you laydown in any position and as you move or change positions the mattress conforms to you and provides support in all areas. With the Tempur material conforming to your body it produces less pressure points which can disrupt your sleep since your body will shift positions due to discomfort. Myself having back problems, I sometime sleep on my side which can put pressure on my hip and shoulder, which has led to shoulder issues. These mattresses can be a great solution for a better night’s sleep if you have back pain and/or like to be fully supported when sleeping.

What I don’t Like

Certain mattresses can be too soft and at times can feel like sagging in a bit. But there are models that have more or less dense foam that you can find the best foam mattress for you. The material also retains heat and can cause you to sweat. If you use a mattress cover it can alleviate this issue and although retaining heat can be a problem it does help in the winter. During the colder nights it can help keep your body warm which keeps you muscles looser and less stressed.


Pricing starts at $1,099.00 for a twin TEMPUR-Cloud mattress ($1,499.00 for a Queen) and goes up to a high of $8,499.00 for a California King GrandBed. There are many different models between the starting and high-end mattresses at different price points.

Starting Price (Queen)

- Owner Favorite
- Motion Isolation
- No Noise
- Good pressure and pain relief
- Great for back pain
- Choices from Ultra soft to Firm

- Odor when new
- Difficult to move on high density models
- Some models can retain heat
- Heavy
- Expensive


Tempurpedic Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers


When Should You Considering Buying A New Mattress

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you wake up feeling tired or achy?
  • Do you sleep much better at hotels than in your own bed?
  • Does your current mattress looks saggy or lumpy?
  • Are you over 40?
  • Is your current mattress five to seven years old? If so, it’s probably time to get a new mattress.

All Mattresses Are Not Created Equal

As you will see, not all mattresses are created equally and there are many different types. Not all types of mattresses will suit your individual or collective needs. There are also best rated mattresses and worst rated mattresses for each type. The goal when shopping for a mattress is to find that balance of comfort, support and value. A soft mattress might feel great initially, but it will not properly support you and can lead to back issues in the future. A mattress that is too firm will put undue pressure on certain points of your body such as hip bones, shoulders. They also won’t conform to your body since they have no give and won’t provide you with adequate support.

The correct balance for you means identifying the mattress that will provide you the proper amount of support your body needs while also relieving any pressure created by that support.

Value – after all it doesn’t do anyone any good if the mattress you like is out of your price range. But this doesn’t have to always be the case. There are many smaller or off brand mattresses that can match the larger brands in quality and comfort and are available at a fraction of the price. They can also provide years of comfort as opposed to only lasting a year or 2. I will highlight those lesser known brands within the reviews as well. You can find some great bargains that will last you a good long time.

Mattress Name Game

So what is the mattress name game? It’s a way for manufacturers to confuse the public basically. Manufacturers modify mattresses they provide to each different seller. They change the color, padding and quilting pattern, among other things. Each retailer then gives the mattress a different name. What this does it not allow you as a consumer to comparison shop for a mattress since each one is a little different. It is annoying, but there is nothing we can do about it. So the best solution is to research and read our mattresses reviews and make a decision based on your personal needs and not based on just the name of a specific mattress like corsicana mattress reviews or sleep innovations reviews.


Many mattresses have warranties for 5, 10 and even 20 years. They usually only cover defects in materials and workmanship, not comfort or normal wear. Some warranties, such as the ones on Select Comfort and Tempur-Pedic are good for 20 years. But be careful, some mattress warranties don’t cover the full replacement value. Instead they deduct an annual usage charge from the current retail price.

If you make a claim, the store or manufacturer will send an inspector to your house to look at the mattress. You’ll need to provide your receipt to them when they arrive. If you are claiming that the mattress has sagged, the inspector will check whether the actual dip is below the allowable limit, the current limit is 1 1/2 inches.

A company will also void your warranty if you remove the “Do Not Remove” tag, so as tempted as you are. Leave the tag attached to the mattress. If the mattress is soiled, or if the support from a box spring or frame is uneven, which is very common reason a mattress sags, your warranty will be voided. So make sure you have an even surface to support the mattress, after all mattresses are not cheap these days, so protect your investment so it lasts you quite a few years.

Mattress Buying Guide

Now that I have covered some of the different types of mattresses that are available on the market, let’s take a look at which mattress might be best suited for your needs based on a few factors.

What Size Mattress Do You Need?

Based on the size mattress you need will greatly affect the price you will have to pay for a mattress. There are usually pretty big differences between a twin mattress and a king size mattress. After all there is a lot more material that is necessary to produce a king mattress.

Consider the space the mattress will go in. Do you have room for a king mattress or will a queen be a better fit. You don’t want the entire room to be taken up by the bed.

Is the mattress for you or for you and your partner, how much room do each of you need. Some couples are fine sleeping almost on top of each other and actually prefer it. While others like to be far enough apart where they don’t disturb each other’s sleep at night.

Do You Want a Firm or Soft Mattress?

This might be dependent on health issues, do you or anyone else have a back issue? Research has found that a soft mattress will aggravate low back pain due to a lack of support. You should look at mattresses that are medium to firm, so on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the firmest, look for something around a 5 – 6. If you don’t have any health issues, then find the most comfortable mattress that works for you. Just make sure it does provide some level of support, but the goal is when you are laying on a mattress you want to feel like you are floating and not like you have pressure on different parts of your body.

Do You Want a Mattress With Adjustable Support?

For those who really can’t make up your mind, there are adjustable firmness airbed mattresses where you can adjust how soft or firm the mattress is at any time. This way if one night you want to just sink into the mattress you can adjust the air pressure lower to allow for a softer feel. Or maybe you need a firmer mattress one night, maybe you overdid it working out and need a little extra support, then simply increase the air pressure for that added support and firmness.

Do You Have Any Specific Physical Needs?

If so, you should also take the following into consideration when searching for a mattress:

  1. Do you sleep on your side, back, or stomach? Some mattresses are specifically designed to accommodate specific sleeping positions. So based on your answer look at mattresses that are made for the way you sleep.
  2. Do you have a mobility issue? Certain mattresses are designed to make it easier to get in and out of bed.
  3. You should measure yourself and your sleeping partner to determine how much space you need. Most couples will be fine on a queen size bed. If you or your sleeping partner are over six feet tall, then a king-size mattress will be a better choice so your feet are not right up against the bottom of the bed or hanging off of it. If you need more height than width, then go with a California king mattress.

Your Mattress Budget

You should determine upfront how much you are willing to spend on a mattress. This will help eliminate some confusion and allow you to focus on specific types and models that are within your budget.

Since mattresses can cost anywhere from thousands of dollars all the way down to about $200, that is a large range to try and research and compare them to each other. You want to at least try and compare the same type of features between mattresses to help determine what is the best mattress for you. Like comparing apples to apples as opposed to apples to oranges.

Knowing exactly how much you’re willing to spend beforehand will help in your search for a new mattress.

You also have to determine if you are getting a new type of mattress or if you plan to stick or get an innerspring mattress. There are other choices such as Latex, Airbeds and waterbed mattresses as well. There are also extras like mattress covers, mattress protectors that you might need to consider as well. If yo are spending a lot of money on a mattress it might make sense to spend an extra $100 for a mattress protector to protect your investment.

My Opinion

My opinion on the best mattress is based on many factors and is also based on what my specific needs are. I need back support and like to have a mattress that conforms to my body and relieves pressure points. But I also need some type of cooling technology cause I sleep hot and will sweat which is awful.

Based on my research the highest rated and best mattresses to look at are the Memory foam, air mattresses and latex mattresses. These always seem to our rank the others and the innerspring usually come out near the bottom of the owner satisfactory scale.

Now It’s Your Choice

With all of the choices out there and the fact that retail stores purposely try to confuse you. It is my hope that after you read through my mattress reviews, view all of the comparisons and details, you will have a better understanding of what type of mattress will meet your specific needs and be able to purchase your mattress. Then go try out a few mattresses for yourself and then comeback and buy your mattress online. You will usually get a much better deal as store salesman usually lie and bundle a bunch of crap you don’t need into your purchase ad you usually end up paying more.

I always do in store research and then buy online and save a ton of money on just about all my purchases. For more mattress you can look here.